Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#NetworkTest has put out a report on #HP 's #IRF technology

#HP releases new deep buffer #ToR switch, the #A5830AF-48G part #JC691A

Deep 1gb buffers.  (48) ports of 1gbe with (4) 10gb uplink ports.  Just 1RU.  Redundant fans & power.  Reversible airflow.

Another interesting paper on #iSCSI vs. #FCOE

#Google #Namebench is a DNS benchmarking utility

Found this nice tool today for benchmarking DNS servers... especially good for helping you make choice as to which external DNS servers you should resolve to:

HP Seminar Series

HP has a series of networking orientated webinars coming up.  Sign up here!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nice article on how to build #greenfield #data centers

Thought I would share as the author shares my views on the over hyping of large L2 domains.  Cisco & Brocade are certainly pushing this agenda

And no surprise...both of these companies have absolutely hitched their future on one technology. FCOE.  And to do FCOE, you need large L2 domains.  

So...funny because back when I was at Cisco in the 90's, we fought against and beat another company, Cabletron, that was very focused on selling large L2 networks.  Remember Secure Fast Switching?  Yeah..complete failure!!!!

#Cisco makes too much margin... a recent customer example

Or... they are just scared.

We're involved a campus refresh for a large enterprise customer.  Its just one of their campus...5 buildings...maybe a couple of thousands ports. Not big, not small.

Cisco is going to "give away for free" (2) Cisco Telepresence systems and a starter UCS system.

But..Mr. Cisco, why not just offer me switching products at comparable prices to the competition?  I already use  HP for servers and Polycom for video conferencing... so this gear is just going to sit in a warehouse.  I'd much rather just get the switching products for a fair price.

But... unfortunately when you have margins on products of over 60% and you want to protect those margins..that is what you do.  Cisco..the market is changing!