Friday, December 5, 2014

Interesting #server sales metrics whitebox sales are growing faster than @cisco server sales

Bet you didnt know that...    while Cisco touts great growth... HP is still #1 at over 26% market share

but... oddly enough... "white box" servers have more market share than Cisco does. and "white box" sales are growing faster than Cisco sales!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#Zlab Project: Auto backup with @hp_networking #imc

#Zlab Project: Step #4 continued

#Zlab Project: Step 4 Clean up & import into IMC

#Zlab Project: Step #3 Racking

#Zlab Project: Step #2 in setting up a Unified WLAN controller

Here's what I did that you cant see because the recording wasnt working right....

vlan 201

int vlan 201
ip add

int gig 1/0/1
access 201
link-type access 201

local-user root
authentication level 3
password simple hprocks!
service telnet
service web

#Zlab Project: Step #1 in the Unified wlan

#Zlab Project: Setting up a @hp_networking unified wlan system

So, I'm going to start a project to upgrade my wireless in my house.  I've been running the a MSM 710 controller for the last 4 years and it has worked well.  I have deployed several HP MSM 460 access points to cover my house.  Why do I have several?  Well, my house is a crafstmans style house from 1910 and has rather robust construction...thick concrete walled rooms in the basement, a large chimney going through the center of the house, and very thick woodwork throughout.  I currently have four access points I could benefit from more. Potentially I'll add 417 or 517 access points to increase coverage in some spots at a more economical price.

My plan with this video is to do it in multiple parts.  Biggest reason is just time, i'm going to try to fit this in between my day job here at HP.  

I'll show you as much as possible...but there will probably be some slow parts..or honestly some parts where I've gotten rusty and dont want you to see how some of my knowledge has slipped away from me!  ;-)

Here at HP, I'm a Networking Specialist... which means I'm in sales.  I spend my time talking to customers, not engineering, and definitely not installing. So..this should be fun for both me... and for you as you get to see what the difficulty level is to install a HP Unified WLAN system.

To keep costs down, I'm using a EOS HP wx5004 controller.  We stopped selling these last June...but it will be just fine for this project for several reasons.  First, it runs the same code as the 830/850/870 controllers. And second, it can be licensed for up to 256 access points...way more than I need...but much better than the 710 I have which is limited.  I'll reuse the 460 access points I have..but will probably add in some of the newer access points like the 417, 425, 517, and 525.

We will use HP IMC as much as possible and if I dont get too intention is to finally configure User Access Module (UAM) for network authentication

Monday, November 17, 2014

My new fav wlan access point from @hp_networking the 525 802.11ac access point is out!

This new ap is a mid-performance model giving you 866mb/s of 802.11ac.  Its 2x2 MIMO.

Sure..its not screaming fast like the HP 560, but its also a ton cheaper.  And... all the devices I have are 2x2 having 3x3 wouldnt benefit me.  Things I like:

  • Price/performance...   $699 for 866mbs.  If you buy an Ecopack (8) price drops to roughly $650 list price
  • Supports either built in or external antennas in the same model
  • IDS/IPS (no extra licenses)
  • RF Spectrum Analysis (no extra licenses)
  • Lifetime warranty (no smartnet!)

@hp_networking #imc v7.0 demo

Thursday, November 13, 2014

@ciscosystems emergency responder (cer) interop with @hp_networking ??? #noproblem

Yep, no problem!  Dont believe the FUD that Cisco says that you need Cisco switches with Cisco Emergency Responder.     CER has a mode for assigning ERL to ip subnets.  If you're building/campus is big enough to warrant multiple ERLs... then you probably have multiple ip subnets anyway.

Read how to do it right in the Cisco CER manual:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

@apple #osx issues dogging many #wlan networks

Been getting reports from many customers, all with different wlan systems that are having issues with Yosemite (OSX 10.10) based systems and wifi connectivity.  Appears Apple will have a patch soon

Thursday, October 9, 2014

@hp_networking #sdn appstore is now live!

Its up and running and has some apps loaded!   What is innovative is that it supports both paid as well as free apps.  You'll find apps from HP, our alliance partners, and even from really smart people that just "care" about sdn.

Check it out:

Friday, August 22, 2014

Great report out from @nicklippis on @hp_networking leadership in unified wired and #wireless

Is your network ready for #802.11ac @hp_networking seminar #wifi #wlan

Preparing your campus backbone to handle 802.11 ac enabled traffic.
Ready for 802.11 ac?
Your campus network backbone may not be
Optimize your network
for 802.11ac
Learn how to avoid the collapse of your campus backbone while supporting 802.11ac during the September 9, 2014 at 11 am PT webinar.
Why attend?
With 802.11ac paving the way for up to 7 Gbps of throughput  per access point, the unparalleled user experience “AC” offers will be an invitation for more users to BYOD.  According to the research firm Gartner, close to 50% of mobile traffic over the next five years will be from video. The big increases in traffic loads will cascade to the “breaking” of the campus backbone. However, embracing this trend is inevitable. To sufficiently prepare your network without imposing forklift upgrades, you need to understand all of your options for your current network design. HP technical experts can help you explore options that fit your current situation.

During this webinar you will learn about:
- Impact of 802.11ac traffic on the campus backbone
- Significance of 100GbE in the campus backbone
- AC architectures for distributed and centralized models (2 or 3 tiers)
- The new 100GbE module on HP 10500 series switch

Join us on Sept 9 at 11 am PT live webinar presented by Eric Holton, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Yarnin Israel, Technical Marketing Engineer, and Ruben Iglesias, Technical Marketing Engineer, to learn how HP can help prepare your campus backbone for handling 802.11ac enabled rich media traffic.
Click here to sign-up for HP Education's training bulletin and select the curriculums that interest you.

HP respects your privacy. If you'd like to discontinue receiving emails from HP regarding special offers and information, please
click here.

For more information regarding HP's privacy policy or to obtain contact information please visit our
privacy statement or write to us at: HP Privacy Mailbox, 11445 Compaq Center Drive W., Mailstop 040307, Houston, TX 77070


© 2014 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

@hp #helion engine of growth

Monday, July 7, 2014

@hp_networking yet again in the leaders quadrant for wired/wireless access

@hp_networking new #sdn #openflow apps seminar this week

Networking, redefined via SDN Apps
Ecode and BlueCat
Find out what SDN Ecosystem partner developed applications can do for your network. Join the third live discussion on July 8, 2014 at 11 am PT.

Register Here

Why attend?
Gain more dynamic, automated control over different aspects of your network through SDN. This webinar will focus on two different applications developed by HP SDN Ecosystem partners.

Ecode Evolve™ allows you to orchestrate network services dynamically—on demand. The solution creates a simple, flatter, and centralized flow-based structure and controls all aspects of SDN orchestration.

BlueCat DNS Director provides you with programmatic control of your DNS services to prevent DNS tunneling, and secure application access for central DNS security, globally delivered. The solution's centralized network view and dynamically programmable DNS capabilities combined with BlueCat's DNS Threat Protection deliver the added agility, security, and scalability required to support the business demands of your mobile-cloud environment.

Learn how you can get involved and try these new applications in this webinar.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watch Meg & Martin Fink Live at Discover @hp_networking

Turning of 802.11b clients on @hp_networking Unified wireless

[AC]wlan rrm
[AC-wlan-rrm]dot11g mandatory-rate 6 9 12               //firstly add the mandatory rate for dot11g, because the default mandatory dot11g rate is 1 2 5.5 11, you could not delete all the mandatory rate, so this operation could make sure there is still mandatory rate after you delete the default mandatory rate.

[AC-wlan-rrm]dot11g disabled-rate 1 2 5.5 11       //secondly delete the dot11b mandatory and support rate, which could prevent dot11b client being online

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

new @hp_networking #vcn multi-tenant #openflow #sdn cloud networking orchtestration

VCN provides a multitenant network virtualization service for KVM and VMware ESX multi-hypervisor data center applications, offering organizations both open source as well as proprietary solutions. Multitenant
isolation is provided by centrally orchestrated VLAN or VXLAN-based virtual networks, operating over standard L2 or L3 data center fabrics.

or watch the video

new @hp_networking #slb server load balancing #snd #openflow application

Friday, May 30, 2014

@hp_networking Unifed #wlan command for showing ip addresses of wireless clients

In P20 code there is a command to learn IP address for wireless clients.  Enter this command:


[HP] wlan client learn-ipaddr enable

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Add a cert to @hp_networking IMC for secure https access

Generate a certificate using your internal CA or an external CA. Export the certificate, including the private key and full chain of trust, to a .PFX (PKCS12) file. Note the password used during export. You will need this again.

"C:\Program Files\iMC\common\jre\bin\keytool.exe" -importkeystore -srckeystore "C:\imc-csr\imc_ch.pfx" -destkeystore "C:\imc-csr\newks" -srcstoretype pkcs12 -deststoretype JKS -storepass iMCV500R001 –v

After you have generate newks file, please cut and paste the generated alias into the next command
Attention, verify the alias. It’s not the same alias then here used.

This is output for the first command:
Entry for alias le-imcwebserver- le-b67beea5-e848-4e84-8ec3-61bf5fcada96 successfully imported.
Import command completed:  1 entries successfully imported, 0 entries failed or cancelled

"C:\Program Files\iMC\common\jre\bin\keytool.exe" -changealias -alias le-b67beea5-e848-4e84-8ec3-61bf5fcada96 -destalias imc -keystore "C:\imc-csr\newks" -storepass iMCV500R001

"C:\Program Files\iMC\common\jre\bin\keytool.exe" -keypasswd -alias imc -keypasswd  -new iMCV500R001 -keystore "C:\imc-csr\newks" -storepass iMCV500R001

Copy the new generated file newks to following directory "C:\Program Files\iMC\client\security"

@hp_networking @cameracorner #SDN Seminar

Nice crowd listening to Tom Williams talk!

Friday, May 9, 2014

@hp_networking Large Scale High Density #WLAN #WIFI deployment with 18k #chromebooks at Sioux Falls SD

Please join @hp_neworking @angelbeat seminar in Milwaukee on July 15th

This comprehensive seminar, including a full hot lunch and concluding with a Microsoft keynote and iPad raffle, covers the increasingly related topics of security/compliance, mobility/VDI/BYOD, storage/backup/DR and cloud/virtualization/SDN. Angelbeat coordinates expert speakers from many leading firms listed below - scroll down to see the agenda - who deliver concise, technical and complementary talks. Content is pre-approved by Angelbeat and past attendees to maximize learning. CISSP's and other individuals can receive 4 CPE credit hours for attending. As one Wal-Mart attendee states, "Of all the seminars I attend, your format is by far the best. Brief informative talks from vendors, followed by one-on-one time at their booth to find out more. I am out of the office for less than a day yet I have access to all the different solutions. This year I will follow up with two vendors." As another IT Director commented, “Thanks for hosting a very informative meeting with vendors that tied in well… it was an integrated picture of technologies that work together to create a complete infrastructure solution for the workplace.”

Join your peers from MillerCoors, Foley & Lardner, Johnson Controls, Aurora Health Care, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Lutheran Social Services, Alter Trading, Badger Meter, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, Accuray, Workwise, Artisan Partners, American Metal Technologies, Dana Investments, Helgesen, Moraine Park Technical College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Rock County and many more leading organizations who are confirmed attendees.

Listen to Angelbeat CEO's Ron Gerber podcast to hear why you should attend. Watch Angelbeat on Youtube to see clips from past events and hear other attendee testimonials. Meals, self-parking and Wi-Fi are provided at no charge.

@idc report on @hp_networking #wlan

"HP offers a complete line of wireless and wired networking solutions, designed to provide a seamless end-to-end user experience and simplify network administration with single-pane-of-glass management. In a study of U.S. midmarket customers that have implemented HP wireless networking solutions, IDC determined that these solutions provided economic benefits spread across the following key areas: IT staff productivity, infrastructure cost reduction, business productivity in terms of both increased revenue and operational cost reductions, and improved end-user productivity. IDC estimated that the organizations' ROI was 567%, with a payback period of 7.7 months."

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

@hp_networking #ngfw @garnter #loveus!

"HP has the potential to be a disruptive influence and a market challenger through continued product advancement and utilization of the HP channel.”  


@hp_networking #Radware DefenseFlow #sdn #openflow webinar

Join us  May 21st

@hp_networking GuardiCore Defense Suite #sdn #openflow app

Join us May 20

@hp_networking ECODE evolve suite #sdn #openflow app

Join us May 14th

@hp_networking @BlueCat DNS Director #sdn #openflow app webinar

@hp_networking #802.11ac Customer Technical Webinar

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

@crn article on @hp_networking #opennvf

@searchsdn pokes fun @ciscosystems #opflex

@hp_networking #ngfw #firewall protects against #heartbleed

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

@hp_networking releases new code for Unified #wireless platform

Link for 830 Controller

Link for release notes:

New launch of #hpcloud with @hp_networking #sdn rich api and #sdn networking services

Software Defined Networking

HP Cloud v13.5 builds on the OpenStack Neutron service complemented with Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology from HP Networking to offer more robust and flexible networking capabilities to rapidly customize your network as needed. Then, you can simply connect it with your existing on-premise datacenter via a VPN tunnel. Spinning up a compute instance automatically configures
  • A default network
  • A subnet
  • A router connected to the subnet and externally to the Internet
  • A security group with basic server options
Our Networking API or the Management Console exposes a rich set of additional functionality including the ability to
  • Define and configure your own private Virtual L2 Networks
  • Establish Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Specify IP address ranges and security group parameters that define the firewall rules for your instances to ensure they don?t conflict with your existing on-premise network
  • Allocate and manage public floating IP addresses
  • Connect to a specific network
  • Connect an instance to more than one network
  • Establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between the networks you create and your existing on-premise network
You also have the ability to set communication rules (security group rules) for both inbound and outbound traffic, create separate networks with their own IP address ranges, and control how servers connect to them. As a region-wide service you have the ability to

  • Use a single API endpoint per region
  • Connect networks in different Availability Zones to the same virtual L2 network
  • Have your security groups span all Availability Zones in a region
  • Map floating IP addresses to any Availability Zone in a region

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

@cisco #allovertherickenmap with #SDN

This is getting comical.  They change their stance once a quarter!  Lets go through the current list:

  1.  SDN isnt real.
  2.  OpenFlow isnt production ready
  3.  Cisco ONEPK  (only works on Cisco)
  4. Cisco OpenDaylight (onepk or openflow controller)
  5. Cisco ACI (only works on certain cisco switches which arent even released yet)
  6. Cisco OpFlex (alternative to Openflow)

Give it a quarter and some management changes and I'm sure it will change again.

Monday, February 24, 2014

@hp_networking unified #wlan best config practices

WLAN RRM settings

wlan rrm
spectrum-management enable
dot11a mandatory-rate 24
dot11a supported-rate 18 36 48 54
dot11a disabled-rate 6 9 12
dot11a multicast-rate 24
dot11b mandatory-rate 11
dot11b supported-rate 5.5
dot11b disabled-rate 1 2
dot11g mandatory-rate 5.5 11 24
dot11g supported-rate 12 18 36 48 54
dot11g disabled-rate 1 2 6 9
dot11g multicast-rate 24
band-navigation balance session 25 gap 3
band-navigation enable                                              Turns on band navigation
dot11a calibrate-channel self-decisive                   Auto channel A 5.8 gig band
dot11a calibrate-power self-decisive                    Auto channel 2.4gig band
dot11a calibration-interval 120                                  calibrate NA every 120 minutes
dot11a calibrate-power min 10                                min power level for na
dot11bg calibrate-channel self-decisive                Auto channel NG 2.4 gig band
dot11bg calibrate-power self-decisive                   Auto power NG 2.4 gig banc
dot11bg calibration-interval 120                               Calibrate power / channel ever 120 min
dot11bg calibrate-power min 8                                 min power level for NG set to 8 db

WLAN QOS settings (set very conservatively)

wlan option fair-schedule enable
wlan option client-reject 10

WLAN AP settings (for reference

wlan ap pacific-hs-1-74 model MSM460-AM id 27
serial-id CN33D321L8
hybrid-remote-ap enable                           Keeps AP data traffic alive in case of controller offline…
undo broadcast-probe reply                      Keeps unnecessary broadcast reply’s off network wasting bandwidth
radio 1
  service-template 2
  service-template 3
  service-template 4
  radio enable
radio 2
  service-template 2
  service-template 3
  service-template 4
  radio enable

WLAN RRM Details at AP level – AP that has made RRM adjustments

<HP-7500-Wlan>dis wlan ap name pacific-hs-1-74 rrm-status 

                         AP RRM Profile : pacific-hs-1-74
Radio   : 1                              Basic BSSID    : d89d-6741-d000
Channel : 48 (Good)                      Tx Power (dBm) : 10                          Note 5 gig power level is set to minims floor / ch 48 and status is good
   Chl   NbrCnt   Load   Util   Intf   PER   Retry   Radar
                  (%)    (%)    (%)    (%)   (%)
   36    0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   40    0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   44    1        0      -      0      0     -       -
   48    4        1      0      1      0     0       -                                                               Neighbor count is 4 but interference is low so no change needed
   52    0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   56    1        0      -      0      0     -       -
   60    0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   64    0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   100   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   104   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   108   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   112   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   116   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   132   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   136   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   140   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   149   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   153   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   157   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   161   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   165   0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   Nbr-BasicBSSID   Chl   Intf   SignalStrength   Type
                          (%)    (dBm)
   d89d-6740-c600   44    0      -60              Managed                                  Power levels of neighbors
   d89d-6741-1200   56    0      -50              Managed
   d89d-6741-12a0   48    0      -58              Managed
   d89d-6741-12c0   48    0      -56              Managed
   d89d-6741-d020   48    0      -58              Managed
   d89d-6741-d040   48    0      -62              Managed
Radio   : 2                              Basic BSSID    : d89d-6741-d010
Channel : 1 (Good)                       Tx Power (dBm) : 8                            2.4 gig Radio – ch 1  / power has been adjusted to 8 dbm
   Chl   NbrCnt   Load   Util   Intf   PER   Retry   Radar
                  (%)    (%)    (%)    (%)   (%)
   1     3        4      0      4      1     0       -
   6     0        0      -      0      0     -       -
   11    2        3      -      3      0     -       -
   Nbr-BasicBSSID   Chl   Intf   SignalStrength   Type
                          (%)    (dBm)
   d89d-6740-1670   1     0      -88              Managed
   d89d-6740-6e50   1     0      -84              Managed
   d89d-6741-1210   11    0      -54              Managed
   d89d-6741-12d0   1     0      -55              Managed
   d89d-6741-d030   11    0      -57              Managed

Here is same AP now looking at the RRM History

<HP-7500-Wlan>dis wlan ap name pacific-hs-1-74 rrm-history
                         AP RRM History
Flags : I - Interference,   P - Packets discarded,    F - Retransmission,
         R - Radar,          C - Coverage,             O - Others

                         AP RRM History : pacific-hs-1-74
Radio : 1                                Basic BSSID : d89d-6741-d000
        Chl Power Load Util Intf PER Retry Reason  Date         Time
            (dBm) (%)  (%)  (%)  (%) (%)           (yyyy-mm-dd) (hh:mm:ss)
Before 48  14    1    0    1    0   0     ----C-  2014-01-08   07:18:44                          Note that a power change on Radio 5.8 gig was made / not a channel change
After  48  11    1    0    1    0   0     -       -            -
Before 48  11    1    0    1    0   0     ----C-  2014-01-08   09:18:44                          Another power change on radio 1 5.8 gig made at next interval to lower to min floor level…
After  48  10    1    0    1    0   0     -       -            -
Radio : 2                                Basic BSSID : d89d-6741-d010
        Chl Power Load Util Intf PER Retry Reason  Date         Time
            (dBm) (%)  (%)  (%)  (%) (%)           (yyyy-mm-dd) (hh:mm:ss)
Before 6   14    31   0    31   29  0     -P--C-  2014-01-08   07:18:44                       Radio 2 – 2.4 gig has much higher load and interfernace levels – note before and after levels after changing channel and lowering power
After  1   11    0    0    0    0   0     -       -            -
Before 1   11    5    0    5    0   0     ----C-  2014-02-19   21:18:54                            Radio 2 – 2.4 gig kept same channel but increased power
After  1   14    5    0    5    0   0     -       -            -
Before 1   14    4    0    4    0   0     ----C-  2014-02-19   23:18:54                            Radio 2 – 2.4 gig kept same channel but lowered power
After  1   11    3    0    3    0   0     -       -            -
Before 1   11    3    0    3    0   0     ----C-  2014-02-20   01:18:54                            Radio 2 – 2.4 gig kept same channel but lowered power to min level
After  1   8     3    0    3    0   0     -       -            -