Thursday, December 12, 2013

Please join @hp_networking and Sioux Falls School District as we discuss how they implemented #commoncore

Sure, thousands of new switch ports, thousands of wifi access points, and 18,000 Chromebooks... but what were the other challeneges?

Please join us for a panel discussion on how it went from the board deciding to move forward to all of the other decisions that had to be made down to IT.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

@goldmansachs does #SDN and #openflow !!!

@fidelityinvestments does #SDN and #openflow !!!

@networkworld article on the how & why for #sdn #openflow

New @hp_networking #5930 switch supports @vmware #vxlan

@hp_networking adds new #imc module for managing Data Center Fabrics

This new module delivers fabric management of multiple fabric technologies such as:

  • SPB
  • FCOE

@hp_networking releases 32 port 40gb spline switch

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Please join @hp_networking at the Wisconsin Digital Summit 2013 #widgs #sddc #sdn #openflow

Forward! Our state motto has defined Wisconsin since 1848 and it's certainly the direction we need to lead IT to transform both the backend and front end systems that serves Wisconsin citizens and taxpayers. In this session, we will discuss how Software Defined Data Center and Software Defined Networking can help decrease the amount of time needed to roll out new applications, while also decreasing operational costs.

Delivered by Jeff Szczerbinski

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

@hp_networking revenue up 2% q/q and 3% y/y q4 2013 yeah!

@hpq 2013 earnings

  • Fourth quarter non-GAAP diluted net earnings per share of $1.01, down 13% from the prior-year period
  • Fourth quarter GAAP diluted net earnings per share of $0.73, up from GAAP diluted net loss per share of $3.49 in the prior-year period
  • Fourth quarter net revenue of $29.1 billion, down 3% from the prior-year period and down 1% when adjusted for the effects of currency
  • Fourth quarter cash flow from operations of $2.8 billion, down 31% from the prior-year period
  • Returned $763 million to shareholders in the form of dividends and share repurchases in the fourth quarter
  • Improved operating company net debt position by $1.3 billion to an operating company net cash position in the fourth quarter, the seventh consecutive quarterly improvement of over $1 billion
  • Fiscal 2013 non-GAAP diluted net earnings per share of $3.56, within the previously provided outlook of $3.53 to $3.57
  • Fiscal 2013 GAAP diluted net earnings per share of $2.62, below the previously provided outlook of $2.67 to $2.71
  • Fiscal 2013 net revenue of $112.3 billion, down 7% from the prior year and down 5% when adjusted for the effects of currency

@hp turns 75 in 2014

The "garage" where both HP and Silicon Valley were born.

@hp_networking demos a preview of our @citrix #xenserver #vdi #sdn app

Sample config for @HP_networking #MLPPP on a HP #msr router

MSR50_Core>dis cur
 version 5.20, Release 1618, Standard
 sysname MSR50_Core
 clock timezone cst minus 05:00:00
 ftp server enable
 domain default enable system
 ppp mp user 3com bind Virtual-Template 1 **set ppp mp user and bind to virtual template **

 telnet server enable
acl number 2000
 description ACL_to_Limit_Telnet Access_to_Mgmt_Interface
 rule 0 permit source
 rule 5 permit source
 rule 5 comment allow access from 3COM SE only from 3COM internal network
 rule 10 permit source
 rule 15 permit source 12.xx.xx.0
 rule 15 comment allow access from x506 internal network
vlan 1
domain system
 access-limit disable
 state active
 idle-cut disable
 self-service-url disable
local-user xxxx
 password cipher /Y=+_F%SX`aQ=^Q`MAF4xxx
 service-type ssh telnet terminal
 level 3
local-user xxxx
 password cipher /!5@\_XQQ.[=#.-&B_Axxx
 service-type ssh telnet terminal
 level 3
interface Aux0
 async mode flow
 link-protocol ppp
interface Serial1/0         **set protocol to ppp and bind interface to virtual template **
 link-protocol ppp
 ppp mp Virtual-Template 1
 description AT&T T1 - 25-HCGS-xxxx
interface Serial2/0
 link-protocol ppp
 ppp mp Virtual-Template 1
 description AT&T T1 - 25-HCGS-xxxx
interface Serial3/0
 link-protocol ppp
 ppp mp Virtual-Template 1
 description AT&T T1 - 25-HCGS-xxxx
interface Serial4/0
 link-protocol ppp
 ppp mp Virtual-Template 1
 description AT&T T1 - 25-HCGS-xxxx
interface Virtual-Template1     **Creates virtual interface template and set max T1 binding to 4
 ppp mp max-bind 4
 ppp mp min-fragment 1450    **Set min fragment & mtu - needed to make MLPPP work with
                                                certain web site correctly
 mtu 1450
 ip address 12.xx.xx.xx
 qos wfq precedence queue-length 64 queue-number 256   **basic qos **
interface NULL0
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 port link-mode route
 description LAN_Interface_to_TP_X506
 ip address 12.xx.xx.xx
 tcp mss 1344                                       **Tune MSS to work with MLPPP **
 qos wfq precedence queue-length 64 queue-number 256
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 port link-mode route
interface Encrypt11/0
 ip route-static
 ip route-static
 ip route-static
 header login %
!!    This is a secure site....  Only authorized users allowed.       !!
 ntp-service source-interface Virtual-Template1
 ntp-service unicast-server
user-interface con 0
 authentication-mode scheme
user-interface aux 0
user-interface vty 0 4
 acl 2000 inbound
 authentication-mode scheme


Robust #WLAN Solutions Seminar from @hp_networking on Dec 4th

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

@ciscosystems misses big time

@ciscosystems #csco #deadmoney

November #SDN Job Report #sdnjobreport

Starting this month, I'm going to start tracking stats around who's hiring for SDN.  It will be non-scientific and I'll only use LinkedIn as my source.  I'll look for job profiles that list OpenFlow, SDN, or NFV somewhere in their description. I will not make an attempt to weed out profiles that have more than one of these terms in expect that they do and that I might double or triple count.

Jobs with the following term in them
OpenFlow                                                                      39
SDN                                                                              198
NFV                                                                              43

@interop webinar on #openflow #sdn

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

@sdrnews interviews @hp_networking about #openflow #sdn #appstore

@gartner says @ciscosystems #aci is all about vendor lockin #badjuju

“ACI forces customers to buy hardware to achieve networking agility — alternative solutions do not, are quicker to implement and are often less expensive for customers that don’t require new hardware” – Mark Fabbi, Gartner 

@gartner comments on the proprietary nature of @ciscosystems #aci

“ACI is proprietary, resulting in lock-in to Cisco’s hardware and provisioning software.” – Andrew Lerner, Gartner 

Monday, November 11, 2013

@hp_networking #openflow #van #sdn controller manuals

@hp_networking #openflow #sdn #van controller data sheet

@hp_networking #openflow #sdn controller release notes

@hp_networking starts shipping our #openflow #sdn controller

Yes, it was released last Friday, 11/8.

A base controller with licenses for up to 50 openflow devices is just $495.  Additional licenses packs of 50 devices are $4995.   The initial release supports High Availability.  HA licenses are priced at $9990 per controller.

J9863AAE    VAN SDN Controller Base Package w/50 licenses
J9864AAE    VAN SDN Additional 50 licenses
J9865AAE     VAN SDN HA License

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fabric technology #3 for @juniper #flavoroftheday

Unlike Juniper,  HP that has one strategey, IRF which is one technology that you can put out in a simple two switch stack in a access layer closet... you can put in a 2-4 unit distribution... you can put in a 2-4 unit core... or you could do in the data center either  using 6125xlg blades, 5900 TOR.  Its super flexible.  We even support IRF in routers.  One technology across a myriad number of networking solutions and products.  Off the top of my's the products that have IRF:


Friday, October 25, 2013

#commoncore and @hp_networking seminar @uwgb Please join us!

Learn why HP networking is made for K-12
HP at the core
Meeting your Common Core requirements

Sharing best practices
Get an inside look at how challenges in education are being overcome with HP innovations. See how leaders in the area built a better network.

Tour and discussion
Join the Kaukauna Area School District (KASD), the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB), and HP for an interactive panel discussion and private data center tour at the UWGB. We will discuss:
·         How KASD upgraded its wireless network to support English language arts (ELA) and math requirements tied to the Common Core initiative
·         How KASD is preparing to meet the smarter balance requirements next year
·         How the UWGB improved stability and back-drop with its network infrastructure
When: Tuesday, November 19, 2013, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Where: The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Phoenix Room C

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cisco continues to piss off every partner... this its @vmware

I said this when I quit Cisco 15 years ago was because I learned that the only thing that Cisco cares about is Cisco.

damn the employees
damn the customers
damn the ecosystem

Now its Vmware VCE next?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Switch data center

@johnchambers of @cisco still in denial about #SDN

His quotes in this article say it all...

@hpnetworking @tollyreport on #2920 shows its better than @cisco #2960-s and #3750-x

Check out this latest Tolly :

HP commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance, power consumption, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their 2920 series switches against the Cisco Catalyst 2960-S and 3750-X series switches.

The performance of the stacking technology used by the HP 2920 Switch Series was compared against the Cisco Catalyst 2960-S and 3750-X series switches. Tolly tests show that the HP 2920 series delivers significantly higher throughput at lower latency in a four-switch stack configuration.

Monday, June 17, 2013

@hpnetworking #SDN #openflow seminar June 28th with @cdw @summerfest

The Journey Begins Now!

Software Defined Networking (SDN) represents the next big revolution in networking providing businesses with the ability to reprogram their network like never before.  HP and CDW deliver a modular SDN architecture that ultimately helps you simplify tedious tasks through automation, centralize  and increase network control, virtualize resources, and respond more quickly to business requirements.

Please join us at 1pm Friday at the Italian Community Center (ICC) in Milwaukee to learn more about HP & CDW's vision of SDN for enterprises. Food and beverages will be served.

All attendees will receive a pair of complimentary tickets to Summerfest, and a chance to win one of five pairs of tickets to see Tom Petty in the Amphitheater.

Seating is limited!  Please send an email to Colleen to request a reservation.  Please tell her you'd like to come to the HP CDW event, who you are, what company you work for, and your phone number.

@hpnetworking #byod and #802.11ac seminar this week

@hpnetworking 2920 Competitive Performance, Power Consumption and TCO Evaluation vs. @ciscosystems Catalyst 2960-S and 3750-X Series Switches

Too often overlooked is the cost of the complete solution.. Tolly does a nice comparison.