Thursday, February 21, 2013

@hpn has 6% y/y growth in Q1 2013 !!!

Seems Wall Street is quite happy with our performance!

#free @hpn ebook on #flexnetwork architecture

#free @hpn downloadable book on #byod

@hpn releases #hsr6600 high performanced edge services router


New @IMC Basic released gives our smaller cusotmers the power of #IMC

Also great for customers that are using PCM

@hpn releases new 1gb data center switch focused on #TRILL based networks

While both our 5900 and 5920 already had TRILL support for 1/10g networks...the new 48 port 1gb 5900 allows you to deliver TRILL for lower speed servers

@hpn releases improved #byod features with #imc v5.2

@hpn releases new #2920 stackable ethernet switch

Priced great
40gb stacking