Friday, August 24, 2012

@hpnetworking grew at 6% while @cisco only grew at 4% this last quarter!

#epiphany of the day; #sdn and #openflow are like #atm #svc

I know..I'm dating my self.  ATM SVC?  LOL.  That was a techno flop.  But... it was a great idea.  Create a network that was based on switched point to point circuits.  A server and a user could be on a point to point connection with eachother.  What today we would call a link-local connection.  It really simplifies the world.
The problem with ATM SVC was we weren't that good at network operating systems yet..and ASIC/CPU designs werent powerful enough to handle the speed and number of setup/teardown requests .

SDNs... and specifically Openflow can make this happen.  We now will have a SVC like fabric...but built on ethernet.  Techno flashback time... LANE was the solution for ATM..  This is SAR process. Just straight ethernet..nice and efficient.  No changes in technologies. You can now trick devices into thinking they are on a very very small network.  One link-local to the exchange server... another to the  lync server... maybe another to a nas server... maybe another to the internet firewall.

I've got thoughts on how this improves security and broadcasts as well.  more about that in another blog post.

Analysis: @Cisco, @EMC partnership turning into #rivalry

Lots of talk about #mdc and #evi

Thursday, August 23, 2012

While the greater @hp was down in Q3, @hpnetworking was up!!!

HP Networking continued to deliver positive results with revenue growth up 6% year over year, 10% adjusting for a Q1 divestiture.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

@hpnetworking to show #van at @vmworld

HP Networking presence at VMworld, San Francisco, 26-30 August [AMS]
HP is a Global Diamond Sponsor at this event, which will feature HPN Virtual Application Network and Data Center Interconnect solutions in demos and theatre sessions in booth 1503 on the show floor. Activities will include a partner reception, roundtables, and one-on-one customer meetings with HP Cloud Advisors, key HP executives, and technical experts. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

@hp hires new #CIO @ramonbaez

And he comes to us from Kimberly Clark.  This should be very exciting as Ramon has 30+ years experience and will bring some nice customer orientated culture to HP