Thursday, December 12, 2013

Please join @hp_networking and Sioux Falls School District as we discuss how they implemented #commoncore

Sure, thousands of new switch ports, thousands of wifi access points, and 18,000 Chromebooks... but what were the other challeneges?

Please join us for a panel discussion on how it went from the board deciding to move forward to all of the other decisions that had to be made down to IT.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

@goldmansachs does #SDN and #openflow !!!

@fidelityinvestments does #SDN and #openflow !!!

@networkworld article on the how & why for #sdn #openflow

New @hp_networking #5930 switch supports @vmware #vxlan

@hp_networking adds new #imc module for managing Data Center Fabrics

This new module delivers fabric management of multiple fabric technologies such as:

  • SPB
  • FCOE

@hp_networking releases 32 port 40gb spline switch

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Please join @hp_networking at the Wisconsin Digital Summit 2013 #widgs #sddc #sdn #openflow

Forward! Our state motto has defined Wisconsin since 1848 and it's certainly the direction we need to lead IT to transform both the backend and front end systems that serves Wisconsin citizens and taxpayers. In this session, we will discuss how Software Defined Data Center and Software Defined Networking can help decrease the amount of time needed to roll out new applications, while also decreasing operational costs.

Delivered by Jeff Szczerbinski