Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New features on the A5820

Just saw the release notes for v5.20-R1206 for the A5820. Some cool new features out for this high performance, low latency, Top of Rack switch:

  • 5m stack cable
  • Fibre Channel Module
  • DCBX
  • Time zone with WEB
  • Time parameter with OAM
  • ICMP Extension to MPLS (RFC 4950)
  • IPv4 Path adjust (RFC 1191)
  • BPDU drop any
  • Super VLAN support
  • BFD/OAM/RRPP/CFD dual core support
  • Multicast ARP
  • Lossless link-aggreation
  • NLB
  • LACP configurable timeout
  • Multiple port loopback detection
  • IRDP
  • L4 egress ACLs
  • HQOS
  • PIM BI-Dir
  • DHBK-Portal
  • COPP
  • MPLS
  • VPLS
  • L3 routed port
  • Mulitcast over VPN
  • Multicast with MCE
  • Multicast with MCE over tunnel
  • ISSU with IRF
  • Dynamic ACL
  • ipv6 DHCP server & snooping
  • ND anti-attack
  • Configurable jumbo frame size on any port
  • simplified PBR config
  • BFD sessions increased to 32
As I figure out configurations for these new features, I'll pass them on.

So, get to the point...will you?

Yes, so whats the point of the blog?  Its certainly not narcissistic self promotion.

Its going to be all about sharing architecture and configuration of HP Networking equipment. I'll try to share everything that I come across with dealing with customers...especially information that will save you from going through tons of documentation trying to figure out how to configure things.  (or at least thats my hope)

My first real blog post will happen soon...


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to the Network Monkey!

For those who don't know me, I'm Jeff Szczerbinski.  I've made my career in the networking space.  Dial up bulletin boards in 1981 is where I started and then moved on to BSD based systems on a very early version of the Internet in 1986.  No DNS at that time..and definitely nothing graphical. But, we did have email, we did have the equivalent of blogs (Usenet) and we have even had instant messages (albeit crude c-shells scripts to send terminal messages).

Out of University it was on to Novell networking at a small Milwaukee var and then more sophisticated networking including my first Wellfleet router at a local manufacturing firm.  Working for a Chicago based reseller, I moved more into working more with routers (Wellfleet) and even my first switch (Kalpana).  Showing up at too many deals that Cisco was working on, solicited a call from a headhunter and then several years working for Cisco and then for a Cisco var.  I picked up my CCIE during this time (not to mention other preivous certs from Novell, Wellfleet, Bay, Synoptics, etc).

Then came a call again from the same headhunter and I ended up working at Polycom and then a services provider for the video conferencing industry.

Then came a fateful call from a headhunter to work at a company that I, and many others, had forgotten about, 3COM.  I didnt think much of it until the day that HP made an offer to purchase them. Accepting their offer was easy and now here I am at HP.

Sorry for the history, but I always feel that its good to share prospective.