Friday, December 5, 2014

Interesting #server sales metrics whitebox sales are growing faster than @cisco server sales

Bet you didnt know that...    while Cisco touts great growth... HP is still #1 at over 26% market share

but... oddly enough... "white box" servers have more market share than Cisco does. and "white box" sales are growing faster than Cisco sales!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#Zlab Project: Auto backup with @hp_networking #imc

#Zlab Project: Step #4 continued

#Zlab Project: Step 4 Clean up & import into IMC

#Zlab Project: Step #3 Racking

#Zlab Project: Step #2 in setting up a Unified WLAN controller

Here's what I did that you cant see because the recording wasnt working right....

vlan 201

int vlan 201
ip add

int gig 1/0/1
access 201
link-type access 201

local-user root
authentication level 3
password simple hprocks!
service telnet
service web

#Zlab Project: Step #1 in the Unified wlan

#Zlab Project: Setting up a @hp_networking unified wlan system

So, I'm going to start a project to upgrade my wireless in my house.  I've been running the a MSM 710 controller for the last 4 years and it has worked well.  I have deployed several HP MSM 460 access points to cover my house.  Why do I have several?  Well, my house is a crafstmans style house from 1910 and has rather robust construction...thick concrete walled rooms in the basement, a large chimney going through the center of the house, and very thick woodwork throughout.  I currently have four access points I could benefit from more. Potentially I'll add 417 or 517 access points to increase coverage in some spots at a more economical price.

My plan with this video is to do it in multiple parts.  Biggest reason is just time, i'm going to try to fit this in between my day job here at HP.  

I'll show you as much as possible...but there will probably be some slow parts..or honestly some parts where I've gotten rusty and dont want you to see how some of my knowledge has slipped away from me!  ;-)

Here at HP, I'm a Networking Specialist... which means I'm in sales.  I spend my time talking to customers, not engineering, and definitely not installing. So..this should be fun for both me... and for you as you get to see what the difficulty level is to install a HP Unified WLAN system.

To keep costs down, I'm using a EOS HP wx5004 controller.  We stopped selling these last June...but it will be just fine for this project for several reasons.  First, it runs the same code as the 830/850/870 controllers. And second, it can be licensed for up to 256 access points...way more than I need...but much better than the 710 I have which is limited.  I'll reuse the 460 access points I have..but will probably add in some of the newer access points like the 417, 425, 517, and 525.

We will use HP IMC as much as possible and if I dont get too intention is to finally configure User Access Module (UAM) for network authentication