Monday, October 31, 2011

Puss in Boots movie powered by #HP

"DreamWorks chose HP Networking solutions includingHP 12508 and 5800 series switches, HP Networking Intelligent Management Center, and HP Intelligent Resilient Framework to provide improved levels of network performance while simplifying network management across the studio’s scalable 10G WAN/LAN environment."

Listen to the #PacketPushers podcast interview of #HPN

#HP #Networking for Dummies Book

Good Questions to ask when designing a #DataCenter #Network

I appreciate the thoughts in this blog on good questions to ask when designing a data center network

Practice Test's for #HP #Networking #MASE

Thursday, October 27, 2011

#HP to keep #PSG (Personal Systems Group)

While not directly effecting the networking group here at HP... it certainly is good as HP is very big on component sharing between hardware products. This keeps our products more cost effective against our competition.

One big fallacy that our competitors try to score with... HP make a cheaper product. No, sorry, we dont, we use a lot of the same components that Cisco does... we're just bigger than they are...we buy more.. and we get a better discount than they do!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#JohnChambers makes $12.9M Is he worth it?

The stock continues to plunge, customers leave in drove, employees are rif'ed,  upper management is leaving in droves.

Is he worth it?  No.  But as long as John stays at probably means competitors have a better chance of winning.  

#HPN supports 2000 10gb connections in a core data center switch

With the announcement at Interop of four chassis IRF for the 12500 family it means that we can have 2048 10gb connections in one system with one cam, one fib. One config.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#HP announced Four Chassis IRF in the #12500 chassis

#HP announced 48port #10gb ToR switch Four #40gb uplinks

#Cisco feels #HP is a competitor in #networking

As soon as you start the hear the subjective arguments... the "slams" based on incorrect facts... the poorly thought out normally means... Cisco is scared.   Check out the internal memo that Network World has posted:

Even the fact that Network World has the leaked memo says reams about Cisco.  I know many people still working there... they are disillusioned.  The guys that are long term employees are milking it until they retire.  The young guys... are struggling trying to figure out how to sell the convoluted, very complex marketecture that Cisco has.