Monday, November 28, 2011

#RBC says attrition is high at #Cisco

.      Cisco continues to face ongoing attrition with many Cisco employees leaving for competitors. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue released a research note this week in which he writes “competitors seem to be hiring away Cisco engineers at a high rate.” Sue claims that Cisco’s restructuring is causing rifts within their organization.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is your #network fragile?

Was thinkng this morning about comments ive gotten sometimes from customers about not wanting to risk their network with a second vendor.

That there was risk in doing so.

Here's my question im going to start asking back.  If there is risk...Is that because your network is fragile?  Why do you have a solution from a vendor that is so fragile..It cant interop?  The risk then isnt with having two vendors...Its with the one you have.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Revenue down in several key areas at #Cisco

#MotleyFool says 3 Strikes against #Cisco

#PVST+ now in #HP switches

stp mode pvst
stp vlan 1 102 to 103 root primary
stp enable

interface GigabitEthernet2/9/0/34
port link-mode bridge
description Test STP to Cat6509
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan 1 10 20 102 to 103
link-delay 0
sflow sampling-rate 512
 sflow flow collector 1
sflow counter interval 2
sflow counter collector 1

[12508_DC_CORE_IRF]display stp brief
 VLAN      Port                         Role  STP State     Protection
    1      GigabitEthernet2/9/0/34      DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
   10      Bridge-Aggregation1          DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
   10      Bridge-Aggregation2          DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
   20      Bridge-Aggregation1          DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
   20      Bridge-Aggregation2          DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
  102      GigabitEthernet1/9/0/30      DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
  102      GigabitEthernet2/9/0/34      DESI  FORWARDING    NONE
  103      GigabitEthernet2/9/0/34      DESI  FORWARDING    NONE

With “display stp vlan X” you can see the same result.

spanning-tree mode pvst
spanning-tree vlan 1,102,103 root secondary

interface GigabitEthernet7/33
description Test STP to HPN12500
switchport mode trunk
switch trunk allow vlan 1,10,20,102,103