Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Turning of 802.11b clients on @hp_networking Unified wireless

[AC]wlan rrm
[AC-wlan-rrm]dot11g mandatory-rate 6 9 12               //firstly add the mandatory rate for dot11g, because the default mandatory dot11g rate is 1 2 5.5 11, you could not delete all the mandatory rate, so this operation could make sure there is still mandatory rate after you delete the default mandatory rate.

[AC-wlan-rrm]dot11g disabled-rate 1 2 5.5 11       //secondly delete the dot11b mandatory and support rate, which could prevent dot11b client being online

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

new @hp_networking #vcn multi-tenant #openflow #sdn cloud networking orchtestration

VCN provides a multitenant network virtualization service for KVM and VMware ESX multi-hypervisor data center applications, offering organizations both open source as well as proprietary solutions. Multitenant
isolation is provided by centrally orchestrated VLAN or VXLAN-based virtual networks, operating over standard L2 or L3 data center fabrics.

or watch the video

new @hp_networking #slb server load balancing #snd #openflow application