Monday, July 30, 2012

Cool apps built on #openflow how about a software driven patch panel?

Damh #monkies are showing up everywhere... @chaosmonkey attacks

First was the Video Monkey...then the Network Monkey... now the Chaos Monkey?????

@oracle buys @xsigo ... the @datacenter war heats up

@cisco reseller @didata says 50% of @cisco networks are #obsolete

@carriers all excited about #openflow says @infonetics

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the @cisco transformation projects = #rifs

#rumor of the day#2: @cisco to divest itself of #UCS

Its a money loser alright.  While they've gained some cost a lot of r&d and sales dollars...and...they lost a ton of business to HP and others while they were distracted.

rumor of the day #1: @cisco to get rid of @linksys consumer products

Is #sdn slipping away from @cisco ? @vmware buys @nicira

“VMware said it will acquire Nicira for $1.05 billion in cash and about $210 million of assumed unvested equity awards. The company said the acquisition, which is expected to close in the second half of the year, will position VMware to be the industry leader in software-defined networking.”

@cisco ditches #waas and apparently gets out of wan optimization

@cisco laysoff 1300 employees

Monday, July 16, 2012

@larrysinger from #hp talks about open networking @internet2

#rdma over ethernet #roce

A stronger converged solution than fcoe?

Watch this internet2 talk:

RoCE stands for RDMA over Converged Ethernet.  Pronounced "Rocky"

@dnssec and amount of sites deployed

@internet2 Joint Techs conference... watch it live

public network management?

Is there going to be a trend in allowing anyone to see data about your network?  Folks like ESNet are actually allowing guests to view most of the data about their network

Interesting internet data out of the @stanford #pinger project

Friday, July 6, 2012

@cisco loses 4.9% market share in Data Center switching

@cisco lost 4.3% points of wlan market share this last quarter

@cisco lost 1.2% points of router market share this last quarter

@cisco lost 2.8% points of market share this last quarter in #switching

And HP gained 2.4% of those points!!!!

#HP #IMC Service Health Monitor

New #hp #imc module... Application Performance Module rocks!

HP just added a new purchasable module to IMC... Application Performance Module... it allows you to dive in an trend/track application specific parameters on devices.  Simple things like if port 8080 is open..or slightly more specific like Active Directory.  Here's a few screens shots

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Does @cisco care about your #rights and #privacy?

RACL/VACL/PACL Notes for #hpn and #cisco

Thanks for Bob Wong for putting this together:

Applied to vlan interface
controls routed traffic in/out
Applied to vlan interface or port
Controls routed traffic in/out
Applied to vlan interface
controls routed traffic in/out
Applied to vlan interface
ip-access group … vlan  (implicit deny at end)
controls all traffic within and out VLAN, not in

To create approximation of Cisco VACL, also add outbound RACL on vlan interface
Applied to vlan interface
Packet-filter (implicit permit at end)
Controls all routed traffic in and out of all ports in the VLAN, not switched

To create approximation of Cisco VACL, use inbound PACL instead
Vlan-access map
vlan filter
Controls within, out, routed into the VLAN from another VLAN

Applied to port
Controls traffic in, not out
Applied to port
controls traffic in/out
Applied to port
controls traffic in/out