Monday, March 19, 2012

#Cisco cant make up its mind on #SDN and #OpenFlow

Poor distraught.   Its always is about whats best for Cisco... or maybe just those Cisco execs that matter.

All the rage, because of HP, is OpenFlow which is a software defined network (sdn) technology. Customers are starting to talk about it...some are doing trials.  Everyone but Cisco has got on the bandwagon.  Problem is... OpenFlow wasnt invented at Cisco and therefore they cant put their proprietary vendor lockin spin on it.

Yes, Cisco does have LISP which is a SDN technology...but for some reason, they're not pushing it hard.
Now, they're funding a startup:

Its really all about protecting revenue flow of certain product lines.  Thats why you're going to see Cisco do things that are in their best interest, not customers.

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