Friday, May 10, 2013

Will commodity hardware be the result of #sdn yes, but not exclusively

Honestly I dont agree.  While there will be vendors that will make their pitch to move to SDN to save capital costs... but really the big savings..and the savings that will drive the industry (for the right reasons)  will be operating savings.

And to get operating savings... we will need to instantiate lot of functionality in the network. I think hardware costs will probably stay the same.  the parts we will save on..we will pour back into different parts.

Right now.. ASICs are not openflow orientated. They dont have big enough flow tables for all the cool applications that come out.    My wish list is for asics with really big flow tables.  That way I can get really granular and push lots of rules down to the edge of my network.  What I want to do is push functionality that is in the distro and the core out the edge. Deal with traffic closest to the source or destination.   I also want my edge boxes to have lots of extra I can do security, deep packet inspection, or manipulation.   I want compute power to instantiate apps on my edge.

I think that hardware will become richer, not poorer

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