Monday, November 17, 2014

My new fav wlan access point from @hp_networking the 525 802.11ac access point is out!

This new ap is a mid-performance model giving you 866mb/s of 802.11ac.  Its 2x2 MIMO.

Sure..its not screaming fast like the HP 560, but its also a ton cheaper.  And... all the devices I have are 2x2 having 3x3 wouldnt benefit me.  Things I like:

  • Price/performance...   $699 for 866mbs.  If you buy an Ecopack (8) price drops to roughly $650 list price
  • Supports either built in or external antennas in the same model
  • IDS/IPS (no extra licenses)
  • RF Spectrum Analysis (no extra licenses)
  • Lifetime warranty (no smartnet!)

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